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Jolie represents a bespoke range of superior luxury beauty products, fragrances and parfums.

Our first collection is an ode to the powerful and awe-inspiring ancient Ottoman empire from where the orgin of perfumes began. Presenting a select blend of potions designed to bring out the best in you. You are beautiful and you deserve to wear a fragrance that confidently conveys to the world that you truly are beautiful. Go on, take a look at some of our magic potions on offer and for a true sensory feel visit a store in your neigbhorhood where a Jolie range is displayed.


"The Jolie 2009 Collection - The scents of life and evolution".

This is a time of renewal, both earthly and spiritual. Scent of wind and wood, and the haze over the desert sands in the distance a memory lost in time,the birth of the city Istanbul.

This series is a tribute to the architectural corpus of the inimitable Ottoman empire. An empire which has had an enormous influence on our lives from something as simple as Rose Water.

It is rumoured that Rose Water was first distilled in the ninth century in Arabia, and became the perfume of choice during the Ottoman Empire and Persia and we are honored to be able to represent our interpretations of the characters and concepts through a range of signature fragrances that revisits and reflects the timelessness of that period.

Myth of Myrrh,
Fresh scent of the lily from the valley,
Notes of Rose otto over fig leaf,
Burnt almond and ambrette,
Bright red apple over warm musk.
There is the Desert sand,
A mix of blackened ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and flowers.
Papyrus laced with vanilla flower,
Inspired by Honey,
White sandalwood and the wild embalming spices,
Make the aura of your aroma to reflect your charm..
Pour etre plus Jolie.
You are beautiful, make your everyday a special day.

After all, our fragrances are romantic and sends a message of love's alchemy to those around you and so "Be Beautiful Every Day of the Year"..


2009 LAUNCH PADmore...

COLORS.. of life!more...
more... Carefully selected fragrances that blend with the various colors of life

ANGIE for angels more...

more... A range of fragrances that spread the innocence of your child with hints of youth

SHE ... is you! more...

A refined collectable edition for all your emotions targetted at teenagers between 11 and 40 (it is in your mind, you could be 40 yet feel a teenager).


more... Every year lavender flowers are collected from the southern region of France-Grasse before sunrise which go into the Lavender Spa Series.

more... The very pure perfume oil extracted from these flowers is used in Lavender Spa




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